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  • Prison Release

Prison Realm Release

BOTWARS PRISON RELEASE CHANGE LOG: With the release of Prison, there is a NEW SPAWN, a beautiful new custom spawn with the theme of robots. CELL UPDATE, In the newest version of cells, the only value bock is beacons. You can obtain beacons through the “Beacon Finder” enchant and at the Beacon mine at spawn. GENERATOR UPDATE, Generators are finally added! You can find custom generators (Token Tier 1-3, Money Tier 1-3) through Monthly Crates or Mystic crates. CASINO Test your luck! Go to the casino across from the beacon mine at spawn and bet your money, or beacons! Win big or lose big, with many gamemodes, such as Roultte, Crash, and Coinflip(/cf). More more updates, Added Monthly crates, Added Prestige Mines (up to 10,000), Added Auto Prestige (when you reach Z, do /autoprestige or /ap), PLUS MUCH MORE!

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  • Skyblock Release

Skyblock Realm Release

We've been working on skyblock and its finally ready! Are you ready to play on a completely custom Skyblock server?! What we have to offer: Multiple /is upgrades, Leveling, Custom shop, Jetpacks, Multiple worlds for you to explore, Diverse economy, Minions, Daily rewards, and MUCH MORE...

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