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Official Welcome to BotWars

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Hey, all Robots!
The management team would like to welcome you to the new website. This will be the place for all of the news, updates, and information!
BotWars is an upcoming casual OP Prison Minecraft network. Releasing "when it's ready" (sometime in June is the plan!), we are run by experienced server developers and dedicated to making a fun server enjoyable for all.

We'll have more updates to share here soon (once development resumes), but for the time being, feel free to explore the rest of the website!

Many questions have gone unanswered for several months, as I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the completion of BotWars, I will begin answering some questions... Starting here:
When will the server release?
BotWars released in early 2019 under another ownership. Once I took over all development of BotWars in early 2020, the server has been dedicated to OP Prisons. Nearing the end of September 2020, I halted all development of BotWars due to a lack of motivation for Minecraft. With coming back to Minecraft server development periodically following the coming year, I have started to realize that Minecraft server development is something dear to my person. With many of the core development finished for the coming Prison season, the management team expects all development of the server to be finished in late June, with Bata-Testing starting in July. This process of bata testing should not last long. More release details will be announced when the server is ready! Thank you for the patience, trust me, it is going to be worth it!
What will be different about this server?
I want to offer relaxing and fun gameplay for all to enjoy. I want this to be available to everyone, regardless of whether you are a free-to-play player or a pay-to-win player. I feel as though this has been lacking from most servers recently, and I want to return to an era where everyone can enjoy the server instead of having to pay to enjoy the server. Sure, this gameplay might be inspired by other games and servers, but that's part of what makes Minecraft networks fun: you get to see the best elements of other games all brought together in a new light. The objective for BotWars prison is to keep all players busy to work towards a common objective. Through this, implementing challenges, gangs, quests, and much more progression to be done while playing will keep each and every player busy.
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